Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Paul to the Rescue

I didn't know it was gonna be so cold and rainy this afternoon on the way home from work.

I had no jacket.

I had no leg warmers.

Only arm warmers, a Windstopper cap, and thin full finger gloves.

I headed out from my office, in a cold and steady rain, ready to Harden Up for the ride home.

I was already about 8 minutes into the ride and I was already freezing.

"Once a Week" Paul drove by, slowed and rolled down the window.

I yelled, "Ill-prepared!" Oh Well!" and I soldiered on.

Paul waved and drove on. I didn't think anything of it. I see him, Fatmarc Vanderbacon, and sometimes Jay C, on my commutes.

I got to the next hill, and there was Paul, pulled over in a driveway, holding out a Gore-tex shell.


I put on the jacket, and I was instantly warm.

He helped me out big time.

The jacket helped so much, I was able to to take the long way home and squeeze in a my bonus commuting miles.

First I was all....

...then I was all...

Paul, I owe ya a gallon of milk, Utz Rodz, and six pack on the next Tuesday ride.

Friends Rule.

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